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Anapa is one of the most ancient cities in the country, the cultural center of the region and at the same time a resort that swells to cyclopean proportions in summer. For travelers along Taman, Anapa will be the starting point and end point of the voyage around the peninsula. Here you can go to a couple of museums and several excellent restaurants, evaluate the local wine list, swim, spend the night and ... continue the journey!

For example, go to neighboring Gelendzhik for a horseback ride through dense forests, an extreme jeep tour or a trip to waterfalls. The Gelendzhik region is famous for its dolmens - unique megalith structures. Blocks of stone, folded by a house, are found in different places somewhere one at a time, somewhere in groups.

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The most interesting, useful and necessary news of the Anapa region.

27th Nov 2022

Named the best white and red Russian wines.

The fifth annual "Wine Guide of Russia" has announced the best white and red wines produced in Russia.The awards were mainly received by Kuban wines.

16th Feb 2022

Mövenpick Resort & Spa Anapa Miracleon opened.

Accor Group and operator of Miracleon, the largest resort in Anapa, announced the opening of Mövenpick Resort & Spa Anapa Miracleon with 354 rooms.

01th Nov 2022

Dry cargo ship "Rio" began to saw on the Black Sea.

The planned dismantling time is 4 months, but due to weather conditions, the work may be delayed. Fans of spectacular photos need to hurry.

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